Autofillers AdBlue white single cap

Reusable self-stopping and non-drip AdBlue spout

Reusable spout for filling AdBlue with a spill proof nozzle

Self-stopping and non-drip AdBlue pouring spout to fit the standard AdBlue tank inlets (ISO 22241-5) of passenger cars or light commercial vans

This dry-break spout is suitable for any diesel vehicle with an AdBlue tank

Push in to unlock the valve and allow the liquid to flow. The device stops the flow when the tank is full, preventing potential overflows

Adblue non drip pouring spout with special breathing channel provides steady, glug-free, pouring

Standard versions are suitable for bottles with neck size 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm and 45 mm


HP1077 - AdBlue auto shut-off spout cap 38mm white

HP1057 - AdBlue auto shut-off spout cap 40mm white

HP1061 - AdBlue auto shut-off spout cap 42mm white

HP1063 - AdBlue auto shut-off spout cap DIN45 white