Auto shut-off AdBlue filling spout for cans

self-stopping and non-drip AdBlue spout

Extra-long auto-stop AdBlue pouring spout for easy spill free filling

- Specially designed for filling cars out of commonly used plastic bottles and jerry cans

- Innovative drip-free dispensing solution for AdBlue

- Extra length and 40 degrees angle in spout design ensures easy filling

- Suitable for every canister / jerry can with DIN45 / 45mm closure (other screw cap sizes possible)

- Durable spout for long time use (reusable)

- Special breathing channel provides steady, glug-free, pouring

- Push in to unlock the valve and allow the liquid to flow

- The device stops the flow when the tank is full, preventing potential overflows, leakages and spills

- Good alternative for AdBlue cans / canisters with integrated filling hose

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HP1067 - AdBlue filling tool autostop DIN 45